MCT — Ginseng Staking (Subscription Period Over)

The staking recruitment for Microtuber sprout ginseng, which was scheduled to run for seven days, ended in only 9 hours!

We will continue to create various agriculture staking opportunities in the future.

Also, you will be able to meet the products that were staked in the marketplace soon.

Thank you very much for your interest.

* Join link:

Let me explain about the product.
- Staking Recruitment Period: 2021.06.17 PM: 12:00 to 2021.06.24 (early closing when Goal is reached)
- Staking duration: 30 days (2021.06.25 to 2021.07.24)
- Reward Payment Date: 2021.07.25
- Stakable Asset Type: MCT Token
- Rate: 90% (APR)
- Maximum recruitment quantity: 1,000,000 MCT
- Maximum deposit quantity: up to 150,000 MCT per person
- Payment Period: Your Virtual Asset Wallet will be paid the sum of your deposit assets and interest on the next day (After Staking is completed)

Please check the contents above and make sure there is…

On March 31, 2021 we planted MicroTuber seed potatoes at the MicroTuber Farm in Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Do you remember? For those who don’t remember or don’t know, I’ll leave a link below.​

It’s been 2 months and we would like to tell you about the current situation of the MicroTuber Farm Complex in Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Sprout Ginseng Smart Farm has been installed at the MicroTuber Research Center.

In the near future, we will proceed with staking round for Sprout Ginseng Smart Farm.

Also, please look forward to seeing it as a product in the marketplace in the future~^^​

Thank you.

Here are some photos of the sprout ginseng smart farm at the MicroTuber lab.

- CoinMarketCap Listing
- CoinGecko Listing
- Buyback & Burn 2nd Event
- Conflux X MicroTuber AMA
- 2nd Admission Event Airdrop
- Blockchain-based agricultural marketplace development “My Farm” — AWS and server database installation
- 4th Marketing bounty event
- Partnership with Seoul & Gyeonggi-do Eco-friendly Competition Winner (Farms King) for organic fertilizer (technology exchange and equity exchange)
- MicroTuber smart farm research lab setup
- MicroTuber ginseng cultivation in smart lab setting
- Cambodian Culture Center Partnership
- Sponsored World Supermodel Event
- Established Singapore Corporation (preparing to enter the global market)
- Site expansion in Tiger Mountain Center, Texas, USA…

Ali Brown, director of the Tiger Mountain Center in Texas, has allotted land at the Tiger Mountain Center for implementation of Seed Box staking of variety of MicroTuber seeds.

It is the world’s only leisure center where you can learn the agricultural techniques provided by MicroTuber along with accommodation, martial arts training, and various leisure activities.

In the video below, Ali Brown, director of Tiger Mountain Center, is greeting MicroTuber members and explaining the current progress of the Tiger Mountain Center.

Microtuber (MCT) is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
You can check the price and information about MCT tokens at the link below.

Microtuber and the Cambodia Culture Center have signed a strategic partnership.

The Cambodia Culture Center is importing 100,000 seed potatoes from Micro Tuber. The partnership contributed to the second event of MCT token buyback & burn event.

Cambodia Culture Center have parts of the land in Cambodia dedicated to seed potato farming with Micro Tuber. Future Micro Tuber farming projects will also be held in Cambodia and will be gaining support from the Cambodia Culture Center.

Xangle Disclosure:

It’s already been a month since the first buyback & burn event was held.

This time, the Cambodian Culture Center bought 100,000 seed potatoes (250 won each).

MicroTuber will host the 2nd Buyback & Burn event.

- Buyback: May 04, 2021 — May 07, 2021

- Burn: Incineration of MCT tokens 72 hours after buyback (in accordance with the Gopax Exchange withdrawal policy)

1) Seed potatoes 100,000 units, price per unit 250KRW (25,000,000KRW total)

2) MicroTuber will purchase MCT tokens directly from the Gopax Exchange within the period from May 4 2021 to May 7 2021 and directly incinerate MCT…

Microtuber has been established today as a Singapore corporation in preparation for domestic and global exchange listing.


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