Micro Tuber scored a 99 on security code audit by CertiK

Before listing on a digital exchange, we invited Certik (International Code Testing Agency) to do a full security audit on our smart contract.

Codes were checked and classified for security, vulnerability, and transparency with mathematical proofs.

Micro Tuber smart contract code passed with a score of 99.

A score of 99 from Certik qualifies for the Micro Tuber smart contract to be listed on a digital asset exchange.

Thank you and we will continue to do our best for Micro Tuber.

거래소 등록 전 국제 코딩 검사기관인 서틱(CERTIK) 사로부터

보안, 안정성, 투명성 등 코딩 검사를 한 결과 99점으로 최상위를 받았습니다.

이로써 디지털 자산 거래소에 상장될 수 있는 보안 자격을 갖추었습니다.

The results are as follows:

결과는 다음과 같습니다.

Code Audit:






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