The Seed-Box staking roadmap has been updated from 3 campaigns to 16 campaigns.

Currently, the Microtuber Research Institute is researching and developing various agriculture products.

The R&D agriculture products are rice, potatoes, sprout ginseng, lettuce, tomato, eggplant, peach, watermelon, melon, grape, pear, apple, radish, pepper, soybean, and Napa cabbage, and staking will be carried out according to a one-year plan.

Other newly researched and developed agriculture products will continue to be added to the Seed-Box staking roadmap.

Once staking campaign is completed, the products will be available for purchase on the myfarm marketplace app.

We will make an official announcement each time the staking campaign is open for subscription.

Thank you.

Seed-box Website:

◆ To celebrate the grand opening, 5x the accumulated MCT event ◆
If you purchase saponin agricultural products within the event period, you will earn 5 times more MCT!

◆ Invitation event for friends ◆
Let’s share some coupons with friends! Invite a friend and get a 250MCT coupon for you…

The staking recruitment for Microtuber Saponin Rice, which was scheduled to run for seven days, ended in only 3 days!

- Subscription Period: 2021.09.13 ~ 2021.09.19
- Saving Period: 2021.09.20 ~ 2021.10.19
- Maturity: 2021.10.19
- Settlement: 2021.10.20
- APR: 105%
Note: The principal and interest will be deposited into your virtual asset wallet within one business day from the maturity date.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Staking for Saponin Rice Farm has started!

Participation Link:

* Staking Terms
- Subscription Period: 2021.09.13 ~ 2021.09.19 (Subscription ends when goal is reached)
- Saving Period: 2021.09.20 ~ 2021.10.19
- Maturity: 2021.10.19
- Settlement: 2021.10.20
- Asset: MCT
- APR: 105%
- Goal: 1,200,000MCT
- Individual Max Cap: 200,000MCT
Note: The principal and interest will be deposited into your virtual asset wallet within one business day from the maturity date.

In addition to saponin rice staking, various staking campaigns will be carried out, so please look out for announcements!

Thank you ~


- Microtuber X CoinNess Strategic Alliance Partnership
- Update roadmap for 3rd quarter, 2021 — 4th quarter, 2022
- Update MCT token allocation
- Update White Paper (Token Metrics, myfarm Marketplace App)
- Vertical Smart Farm installation complete
- Legal Audit from Law firm in Singapore (MCT defined as non-security)
- Microtuber saponin potato, saponin rice test results
- Microtuber Saponin Potatoes, Saponin Rice, Sprout Ginseng Design Package
- Social Media Airdrop Event (Round 1)
- myfarm Marketplace App Beta Test
- myfarm app (beta version) accepted to Google Play Store and App Store. (The official version will be released soon.)

Microtuber and CoinNess will work together to maximize the benefits from mutual interests in applying blockchain platform development and establish overseas marketing strategy into business practices, as well as identifying strategic agendas.

Activities include:

1. Microtuber will supply blockchain platform development, technology, and related solutions to CoinNess.
2. CoinNess will help Microtuber expand its overseas market strategy and establish communities.

MCT Token Metrics has been updated recently.

The schedule for lock-up and vesting of MCT tokens has been updated for transparency, continuous growth and development, and stable company operations.

The saponin content test results for microtuber saponin potatoes is finally here.

We also tested the saponin content of regular potatoes sold at commercial markets for comparison.

Regular potatoes sold at commercial market: 2.66 mg/g of saponin.

Microtuber saponin potatoes: 12.02 mg/g of saponin!!!!!

Since the installation of the Vertical Smart Farm, Microtuber is continuously developing various types of seeds and conducting studies to increase saponin content.

These items will be able to be purchased in the upcoming myfarm marketplace app.

Vertical Smart Farm has been installed.

From now on, we are planning to do various research on developing seeds and increasing saponin content of Microtuber agriculture products using smart farms.

Microtuber Smart Farm uses a two-tier vertical smart farm to create an environment where temperature, humidity and light can be controlled. This will allow the seeds to grow optimally, maximizing the good nutrients, producing higher yields, and using natural organic fertilizer to draw out higher levels of saponin.

Below are pictures of the Microtuber seed potatoes currently under study.
Saponin Potato staking through smart farms will be carried out later, so please participate!

Thank you.

The roadmap for MicroTuber has been updated.

You can find the newly updated roadmap on the official site of MicroTuber below.


3rd Quarter, 2021

- Listing on Multiple Exchanges
- Seed-Box Upgrade
- “myfarm” Marketplace App Launch
- Distribution of Seed Potatoes
- R&D to Improve Saponin Content in Agriculture Products

4th Quarter, 2021

- Seed-Box Global Staking Launch
- Microtuber Enters US Market
- Establish Research Lab for Saponin Technology & Development

1st-2nd Quarter, 2022

- Introduce Various Innovative Saponin Agriculture Products to the Market
- Innovative Agriculture Product Staking
- “myfarm” App Launch — USA

3rd-4th Quarter, 2022

- Global Distribution of Microtuber Organic Fertilizer
- “Farming for NFT” Project Launch


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