August Brief Summary and September Adventures

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🆕 Exciting news! We are introducing a new feature — in addition to providing a brief summary of this month’s events in Metarising, we will also offer you a sneak peek into what’s ahead in September. It will help you in being prepared and being ready to embrace all the adventures coming your way.



1. Saponin Melon Staking Event
We announced Microtuber Saponin Melon Staking event for the month of August, 2023.
APR 120%


2. Metarising Crossword Contest
We organised an crossword contest for better engagement with our community and community members, we received overwhelming response from our community members.
We were amazed by such great response which gives us energy to work with more enthusiasm for organising such events regularly.

🔹Date: 24 August, 2023
🔹Rewards: 9000 $MCT


3. Crossword contest Winners Announced
We selected the winners for the contest through lottery system as we promised to our community. Lucky 6 winners selected through lottery system and posted with the video of selection process.

Prizes were distributed on — 29 August, 2023.


➡️UPCOMING EVENTS ON METARISING (Dates may be subject to change based on events)

1. Seedbox Staking Events
In the month of September we will host a staking event along with MCT Open Term 3.

Details are as follows :-

MCT Open Term 3
Start:17th September, 2023
End: 17th December, 2023
APR: 9%

Saponin Blueberry Staking
Start:17th September, 2023
End: 17th October, 2023
APR: 120%

2. Chronicles of Metarising
The Chronicles of MetaRising is a series of thrilling contests and challenges that will put your skills and knowledge to the test!

During that amazing journey, Tasks and contests will be posted in group and appropriate prizes will be given to the winners.

The participants will have a chance to win valuable in-game assets, rare NFTs, and exclusive tokens. The more contests you conquer, the more fantastic prizes you’ll secure for your virtual journey.

Get Ready for the Adventure. Stay tunned

Thank You❤

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