Chronicles of Metarising Episode 5 — The Inclusive Open Farm System

2 min readNov 21, 2023

Continued from Episode 4- Link

Episode 5 — The Inclusive Open Farm System

The Inclusive Open Farm System

In a significant move towards inclusivity, MetaRising introduced the “Open Farm System.” Unlike other metaverse platforms that required large upfront investments for virtual land ownership, the Open Farm System allowed players to rent land at affordable prices.

This democratized access to virtual real estate, opening the metaverse to a broader audience. Players from all walks of life could now participate in MetaRising’s environmental mission and reap the rewards of C2E activities. As the community expanded, so did the impact on the environment, turning the virtual realm into a thriving hub of purposeful action.

Stay tuned for the next installment of MetaRising’s epic tale, where thrilling adventures and astounding discoveries await!

More Information

In the chronicles of MetaRising, spanning episodes 1 to 5, we witnessed the birth of a revolutionary metaverse “Metarising” where sustainability meets adventure. Alex, our intrepid protagonist, accepted a mysterious invitation and entered a world with landscapes that stretched beyond imagination. Unlike other platforms, MetaRising’s mission extended beyond entertainment, focusing on achieving net zero carbon emissions through the “Clean to Earn” (C2E) concept. Players engaged in quests to clean and preserve the virtual environment, earning real-world carbon credits.

The community, united by a shared environmental purpose, tackled challenges from polluted rivers to endangered wildlife. Collaborative play in the central city and diverse realms like Gaia and Poseidon forged unbreakable bonds. The introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) added depth, representing valuable assets in the metaverse.

A move towards inclusivity came with the “Open Farm System,” democratizing virtual real estate access. Players from all walks of life participated in MetaRising’s environmental mission, expanding the community and impact on the environment.

As we’ve covered half the journey in episodes 1 to 5, stay tuned with the same energy and enthusiasm for the next half of MetaRising’s epic tale, where thrilling adventures and astounding discoveries await!

Just as in the past four episodes, we bring you more thrilling news — there’s another contest this Saturday! So, prepare yourself for the competition and a chance to snag some fantastic rewards.