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2 min readMar 3, 2023


Hello, our dear MetaRisers!

Coffee Della.

Hope you all had a prosperous New Year celebration. As a new year gift, we are back with amazing news regarding MyFarm, the real farming platform of MetaRising, which is all set to introduce new products at 60% off on Microtuber’s MyFarm Marketplace.

Coffee is a popular beverage for many reasons, including its taste, aroma and caffeine content. Seeing this popularity of coffee, MyFarm has included coffee in its list of products.

About Coffee Della

•Our beans are grown under eco-friendly conditions in the Gedio region of Ethiopia

•To ensure superior quality of beans, we have partnered with YCFCU Association and we only select and supply high grade beans.

•In addition, local roasting is carried out with techniques that bring out the unique flavours and characteristics of each batch of beans.

•Once these processes are complete, our freshly roasted coffee beans are delivered by airmail within 12 hours.

Introduction of three types of coffee:

There are many different types of coffee beans, each with its own unique characteristics and flavour profiles. At Microtuber’s MyFarm, we offer three types of coffee beans to our customers-

▪️KOKE COFFEE BEANS: It is known for its distinctive flavour profile, characterised by its bright acidity and floral aroma that satisfies the thirst for a strong coffee.

▪️ARICHA COFFEE BEANS: Aricha coffee is characterised by its floral aroma,a sweet, long-lasting finish. It is highly demanded by coffee lovers for its exceptional quality and unique flavour profile

▪️KONGA COFFEE BEANS: Konga coffee is characterised by its medium texture, bright acidity.They are processed using the washed method, which helps to enhance the natural sweetness and acidity of the beans, resulting in a clean, bright cup of coffee.

Each type has its own unique taste and preparation method, so it’s worth exploring different varieties to find your favourite.

🚨Note- Currently, MyFarm only delivers to South Korea. But don’t worry we are planning to add more regions soon.

If you live in South Korea, you can buy now at 60% off on the MyFarm app.

Your coffee is just one click away! ☕️

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