Gaia VS Hephaestus

3 min readMar 17, 2023

A few years ago MetaRising used to be a beautiful universe which was filled with happiness, comfort, work and growth that were ample for everyone. There was no scarcity.

This happiness did not last long, a terrible crisis came and it took away all the comfort and development with it that the people of MetaRising had.

That’s how we got our four MetaRising worlds.

Hephaestus vs Gaia World

The crisis broke the MetaRising universe into four separate worlds- the Gaia World, the Poseidon World, the Hephaestus World and the Hestia World.

The four worlds of MetaRising have their own qualities and characteristics that make them different and unique from each other.

Today in this article we are going to compare the Gaia world and the Hephaestus world.

Gaia and Hephaestus are both powerful figures in Greek mythology, but they represent very different aspects of the natural world.

🔸 Name :

The words ‘Gaia’ and ‘Hephaestus’ are both associated with Greek mythology yet they represent very different aspects of it.

Gaia symbolises the nurturing and life-giving aspects of nature,often associated with fertility, growth, and the cycle of life and death.

While Hephaestus represents the transformative and destructive power of fire and metalworking.

🔸 Speciality:

Both worlds are essential to the MetaRising Universe and play important roles in the Greek pantheon.

Gaia World is a fertile and green land that supports the growth of a large number of healthy plants. That’s why it is called ‘Land of Life’.

Hephaestus is known for the variety of minerals found here. The lustre of these minerals dazzles the whole world.

🔸 C2E activities:

As we know, the four MetaRising worlds have been destroyed due to an unknown tragedy. So to overcome this crisis people have started productive activities to help connect the four worlds.

Since Gaia World is home to various plants, the C2E activity of this world is farming. MetaRisers can sow various seeds in the fertile land of Gaia World and harvest them.

Players can collect different types of minerals in this world. So, the C2E activity of the Hephaestus world is mining. They can use the obtained materials to create highly advanced tools.

🔸 Basic Requirements:

As we know Farming is impossible without farming tools and seeds. Therefore, Scythe and seed are basic requirements to participate in the C2E activities of the Gaia World.

To gain access to the C2E activity of Hephaestus world, players must have a Pick-axe and gloves. Your chances of getting a good mineral depend on your equipment level

Both worlds are different from each other and are unique in their own way, and complete different purposes of MetaRising.

Hope this comparison gave you a clear picture of these two MetaRising worlds. Which world do you like the most? See you next time with some new information.