Gaia World inside Metarising

2 min readAug 19, 2022


Metarising Universe

Let’s take a tour of the Metarising Universe, today. As all Metarisers know, there are four worlds in Metarising. So, over the next two weeks, we would like to familiarize you with four worlds of Metarising.

Among the four worlds, first and foremost, we will take a look at Gaia World, which is the foundation of Metarising.

According to Greek Mythology, ‘Gaia’ was the Greek goddess of Earth, mother of all life. As the name suggests, Gaia World is a fertile and green land that supports the growth of a large number of healthy plants. That’s why it is called ‘Land of Life’.

However, due to an unknown tragedy, the world is shattered, and to overcome this crisis, people have started productive activities to help unite the four worlds together.. Here, scythe and seeds are the basic requirements to participate in the C2E activities. MCT tokens obtained through these activities will play the key role to solve this crisis.

What are the certain activities Metarisers can perform in this zone?

Metarisers can sow various seeds in the fertile land of Gaia World and harvest it. Also, we all know irrigation and fertilization plays an important role for better yield.

Gaia World

Take a look at this image. The girl is beautiful, isn’t she?

This is a concept image of the Gaia world. In the background, you can see the Magical tree (Tree of Life) and the Scythe NFT introduced earlier. The basket that the girl has contains fresh corn, tomatoes and potatoes which were released as Seed NFTs.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the Gaia World :)