How to buy $MCT and use in Metarising

2 min readJan 31, 2023

MetaRising is a metaverse platform with unique social features and fun C2E game elements that ultimately aims to raise awareness for global hunger, funding of sustainable agriculture research and focus on net-zero carbon emissions.


$MCT is the premiere token of MetaRising. And today we will be informing our community about it, and about its roles in the MetaRising ecosystem.

Today’s buying experience is high-tech and low-touch. Because of this trend, it’s becoming essential for the project team to provide as much information about their offers as possible.

Ahead of the grand launch of our MetaRising Universe, we want our viewers to be aware of all the important information related to our project. This will help them to gain proficiency in the game.

How can you use $MCT tokens in the MetaRising Universe?

STEP 1 — BUY $MCT from any CEX or DEX that we are listed on — We are providing the list of same:

1. PancakeSwap → Swap using our contract address — 0x8038B1F3EB4f70436569618530Ac96b439D67bAe (bep20)
Link- Pancakeswap

Link- MEXC

3. GOPAX → KRW → KYC(Need to connect, Jeonbuk Bank Account)

STEP 2 Deposit the $MCT tokens to MetaRising Universe.

Congratulations, now that you have successfully purchased tokens, your next step is to transfer the tokens to the MetaRising Universe so that you can comfortably leverage them.

STEP 3- Use $MCT in the MetaRising Universe.

$MCT has an important role to play in the MetaRising ecosystem, players can use it in different ways

Here are the following ways in which $MCT can be used in the MetaRising Universe :

🔸MINING $MRG TOKENS: Multiple staking pools are hosted to help fund agriculture research and provide mining opportunities to receive MRG and NFTs. $MCT tokens can be used to mine $MRG tokens.

🔸SEEDBOX: It is an agricultural crowdfunding platform operated 100% Defi by smart contracts. Users can stake various staking products using $MCT in BEP-20 and ERC-20.

🔸KEY ROLE: $MCT is a very important part of our MetaRising Universe. By completing C2E activities, our MetaRisers will be rewarded with $MCT tokens and these tokens will play a key role in ending the climate crisis.

🔸PURCHASING ITEMS: Players can either collect $MCT tokens or earn them by participating in activities. At certain stages of the game, players will need to purchase certain materials and items that help them perform better and these items can be purchased in exchange for $MCT tokens .$MCT makes the MetaRising-world go round.