MCT Coffee Della & MCT Open Term — 1 Staking

120% APR

2 min readMar 19, 2024

Saponin Coffee Della & MCT Open Term-1 Staking

We’re back again after a month of delicious staking for our supporters, ready to fill their bags once more with MCT. And this time, you have the chance to make even more profits. You might be wondering how? Let me answer you: because this time, we have two staking events happening simultaneously.

Metarising always surprises its users by providing substantial benefits with every staking opportunity. Here’s your chance to stake and receive the highest APR ever. Don’t you think it’s an unbelievable offer that Metarising has presented to us?

Details of Coffee Della

▪️ Start: 19 March, 2024
▪ Ends: 19 April, 2024
▪ APR: 120%
▪️ Total pool: 7,200,000 $MCT
▪️ Max per wallet: 500,000 $MCT
🚧 Venue:

Details of MCT Open Term 1

▪️ Start: 19 March, 2024
▪️ Ends: 19 June, 2024
️️️▪ APR: 9%
▪️ Total pool: 200,000,000 $MCT
▪️ Max per wallet: $ 2,000,000 $MCT
🚧 Venue:

This opportunity won’t come around every time, so don’t miss out. Be a part of MCT Coffee Della staking and join us on this beautiful journey. This isn’t the only way to earn rewards; we’re also conducting Zealy, where you can earn a good amount of MCT and USDT per week by completing simple tasks. Our admins are always available to address your doubts and problems. Don’t hesitate to tag them in our Telegram group if you need assistance. Join this super-energetic staking today.