MCT Saponin Napa Cabbage Staking, 30 Days / APR 105%

🌿Applications for Saponin Napa Cabbage staking started.

  • Participation Link:
  • Staking Terms
    - Subscription Period: 2021.12.30 ~ 2022.01.03 (Subscription ends when goal is reached)
    - Saving Period: 2022.01.04 ~ 2022.02.03
    - Maturity: 2022.02.03
    - Settlement: 2022.02.04
    - Asset: MCT (BEP-20 or ERC-20)
    - APR: 105%
    - Goal: 1,200,000MCT
    - Individual Max Cap: 200,000 MCT (Minimum 1,000 MCT)

Note: The principal and interest will be deposited into your virtual asset wallet on the settlement date.

※ From December 2021, you can choose between BEP-20 or ERC-20 MCT for staking. (The deposited MCT and APR will be paid out to the wallet of the network that you have staked on).
- Anyone who wants to stake directly from the Gopax Exchange wallet should select the MCT ERC-20 option.

※ When using the “Pay with Metamask” button on the checkout page, please make sure to switch to the correct network on Metamask or your wallet (Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain) before making the transaction.



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