MCT: the first crypto token to support global agricultural development

5 min readMar 12, 2022

Microtuber ($MCT) is designed for placing stakes and purchasing rewards on SeedBox Platform. Microtuber focuses on the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF), field of MetaRising. Microtuber has supported the initiation and development of 9 agricultural projects around the world. It is also utilized by MetaRising to support research in agricultural technology, so as to compete against international seed companies.

The rapid growth of the world population demands higher food production. Effective seed treatment can prevent the pests and diseases from spreading through seed or soil, shorten germination time and increase overall productivity. In addition, it also eliminates the negative impact of pesticide residues and thus meets the requirements of pollution-free food. The extensive R&D application of Microtuber in bio-agricultural technology, and its efficient, environmentally friendly, economical seed processing methods are also driving the growth of the seed treatment market.

Given the limited land resource around the world, seed treatment is adopted to increase agricultural outputs. The rapid development of the seed treatment market is driven by the increasing purchasing power of farmers and government support. In the past, the global seed treatment market was highly concentrated, but in recent years, players like Microtuber have emerged and captured a significant market share.

MetaRising’s vision

As an eco-friendly business platform, MetaRising takes the lead in preventing global climate change and going carbon-neutral. MetaRising builds the future to comprehend humanity’s greatest value, that is, respect for life and co-prosperity.

The vision of MetaRising is: To do its best to create an impeccable and finer world for mankind, and a society of higher standards.

Players who use the MetaRising platform are attracted by its numerous features and some of the platform revenue is automatically used for carbon-neutral projects to promote a green world.

It is impossible to achieve carbon neutrality without the participation and support of both the players and companies. Therefore, MetaRising increases the engagement of companies both at home and abroad. MetaRising is leading the participation of quite a few businesses along with the philosophy of MetaRising.

The commitment and great endeavor of MetaRising towards climate change remains unchanged. It is constantly working to give the future generation a healthier, fitter, and stronger tomorrow.

As its market share continues to expand and with the help of more users and financial support, MetaRising hopes to provide better and more varied support for agriculture and environmental protection.

In addition to the above-mentioned real support for agricultural development, there are other ways to improve the efficiency of food use. For example, users can experience a more realistic farming environment through metaverse technology, where they will appreciate the difficulty of farming and thus reduce food waste. The metaverse of Microtuber (MetaRising) is about to hit the market, where MCT, together with MRG, will be the main circulating tokens.

Application scenarios of MCT

For Farming lovers, the most direct way to participate is to stake MCT in seed funds at SeedBox. These funds will be used for the development of MetaRising’s agricultural projects, and all income will be distributed according to the participants’ financial input.

SeedBox is a DeFi staking platform utilized for both the Microtuber and MetaRising ecosystem.

Multiple staking pools are set up to fund agriculture research and provide mining opportunities to earn MCT , MRG and NFTs.


Users can stake anytime during the staking period (Staking rewards are determined by the amount of time vested)

· Users can unlock anytime

· MetaRising’s staking reward system (Stake MCT + MRG to receive NFT)

· 100% DeFi (Staking smart contracts)

· Web3 adopted (No need for KYC or registration of accounts)

· Dedicated MCT pools for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

· Daily MCT gains are visible (Total rewards earned)

With the help of MetaRising’s operation system, SeedBox can utilize its funds more comprehensively and efficiently, thus providing extra support for additional traditional agricultural projects. Part of these funds will be used to support the research of agricultural seeds, which can develop high-value seeds producing crops with higher output and quality. These additional R&D values will be directly reflected in future agricultural production. The earned income will be distributed to those who participated in the staking events of SeedBox.

Other application scenarios of MCT under the fast expansion of MetaRising

In addition to staking at SeedBox, MCT is also one of the main circulating tokens in various metaverse scenes of MetaRising, such as MetaRising World, Play-to-Earn, Dual DAO, advertising, minigames, item crafting, pet breeding, DAO guild, and farmland rental.

Play-to-Earn can create a Metaverse that is both accessible and sustainable. We believe that the threshold should be low enough to attract a wide range of players but high enough so that we can create a dedicated community. Players can choose a P2E zone they prefer and enjoy it.

Players must purchase a Scythe and some seeds to start farming in the first P2E zone. From there, they can go to any farmland that is unoccupied and begin farming. After harvesting, players can sell their crops to the NPC shop to receive MCT.

Plant trees and fight pollution to see the world change in real-time. The Net-Zero Zone is dark, cloudy, with high water tides and CO2 levels. There is a gauge that shows the CO2 levels, so players are able to anticipate rewards earned from participating in Net-Zero P2E activities.

MCT — the in-game token, and MRG — the governance token which can also be used to purchase NFTs, will work together to provide better services for the MetaRising ecosystem.

As portrayed in the infographic above, players can obtain both MCT and MRG in a variety of ways. Transaction costs incurred from certain activities and transactions will be gathered in MetaRising’s tax pool, a certain amount of which will be used for DAO, staking rewards and landowner compensation.

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