MetaFarm — In-Game NFT Card Image (in development)

Here is an early design of MetaFarm’s NFT cards.
*Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are rare, unique and non-interchangeable tokens.

1. MetaFarm’s NFT based Metaverse

Players in MetaFarm will be able to enjoy a plethora of game features and social content, one of which is P2E farming, which players can participate in after purchasing a Scythe.

2. Scythe NFTs and Pet NFTs

The Scythe is a crucial tool in MetaFarm which allows players to plant seeds and harvest crops. Other than Scythes, players will also be able to purchase other types of NFTs such as Pets. There will be a good mix of NFTs that are purely aesthetic and NFTs that have utility.

3. More NFTs to come!

We plan on developing a wide array of creative NFTs in the future and will implement them periodically with game updates.

4. MetaFarm’s NFT Marketplace

Another unique feature we have are mystery boxes that players can purchase from our NFT Marketplace. These mystery boxes will give players random NFTs/items.

NFTs in MetaFarm will be limited in quantity, making them very valuable and rare.

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