MetaRising Avatar Customization

Hello. This is Damdam, the Metarising Manager, who works hard everyday.

Miss Damdam’s Avatar was always wearing the same boring clothes. We wanted a change to make it interesting.

So we came out with a new idea.

That is, Avatar Customization

It was impossible to decorate your avatar and all of them were wearing uniform clothes and accessories which made it confusing to recognize an individual.

What do you think about trying something new by changing Miss Damdam’s outfit? Sounds fun? Let’s go!

First of all, let’s open our inventory.

Click on the NFT tab.

Now we can see the costume NFT.

Check out this Shaggy cut short hair (Fashion always come back around)

Now, What about this sweatshirt?

We just need to click on the NFT to change the hairstyle, change clothes, and even shoes.

It’s simple, right?

We changed Miss Damdam into these sweatshirts. Look familiar? ;)

In Metarising, various costumes, accessories, shoes, etc. will be released as NFTs and they can be used for the decoration of the avatars.

Users can earn them by winning an event or by purchasing them from the store, or create and wear their own designed clothes using the tools of UGC (User Generated Content World), which will be released in the first half of next year.

By using the trading system in the inventory that we introduced earlier, the costume NFT made in this way can be used as a gift to a friend or sold to other users for economic activity.

Please wait with interest in the ever-evolving Metarising. Miss Damdam is also eagerly waiting for the day to meet you.

Thank you!



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