Metarising December 2022 Summary

1 min readJan 2, 2023


Metarising Summary

Metarising December 2022 Summary of Events

▫️SeedBox Staking Event Announcement

The Saponin Cabbage Staking Event was announced on SeedBox with 9% APR for the period of one month.
More information -
➖ Time: 2nd Dec,00:00 UTC
➖ Venue: SeedBox (
➖ APR: 9%
➖ Max. Stake : 2000000

▫️Christmas Giveaway Announcement

MetaRising announced a giveaway for all its active members on social media platforms. Rewards were successfully distributed and lucky winners were rewarded with 10k to 12k $MCT tokens.

▫️MetaRising X Mail3 Partnership and Galxe Campaign

MetaRising announced its strategic partnership with Mail 3 and also conducted a campaign for the audience which received a huge amount of response.

▫️MetaRising X WalkingDoggo Partnership Announcement

MetaRising announced its strategic partnership with WalkingDoggo, a DAO (web3.0) dApp Project, having a concept of Walk-to-Earn.