Metarising Inventory sneak-peek

Hello Meta-Risers
To create user convenience and keep up the excitement, in future Metarising would communicate the development news of Metarising on a content-by-content basis. Starting by today itself, the part we are going to explain is the inventory of Metarising.

MetaRising’s inventory is one of the indispensable elements of the game where you can keep and check out items obtained through crafting, enhancement, C2E activities, and more.


Items in Metarising are largely divided into two types-

1. Regular items (can be acquired within the metaverse and can be purchased and sold)
2. NFT items (can be traded on the NFT Marketplace)

Regular Item vs NFT Items


As told above, the inventory is divided into 2 tabs, Regular items and NFT items, taking into account player’s convenience, these are sorted by:

a) Subcategory
b) Item level
c) Rating

so that users can see what items they can acquire more easily and quickly.

Sorted by Subcategory , Item-level & Rating

When you click on an item you have, you can check the detailed information of the item, and depending on the type of item, you will use the functions of sharing, mounting/unmounting, using, destroying, enhancing, etc.


Within the inventory users can also see the reserves of the 2 commodities of Metarising:

1. $MCT (Microtuber)
2. $MRG (Metarising)

We would like to thank everyone who is interested in Metarising, and we look forward to publish a lot of content that will create enthusiasm for our metaverse.

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