MetaRising Most Frequently Asked Questions

MetaRising FAQ

Here We are presenting you the most frequently asked questions about MetaRising

Q1. What is MetaRising?
MetaRising is a metaverse platform with unique social features and fun P2E game elements that ultimately aims to raise awareness for global hunger, funding of sustainable agriculture research and focus on net-zero carbon emissions.

Q2. What makes MetaRising Platform unique?
Answer- There are multiple things that makes us different and unique
a) MetaRising is focused on Net-zero carbon emissions and eliminating Climate change
b) MetaRising is a perfect mix of game and social features
c) MetaRising has ever expanding universe with new worlds coming in on regular basis
d)MetaRising offers Governance to users through Governance/Guild DAO

Q3. How should users participate in the MetaRising governance?
Answer- MetaRising’s DAO is divided into governance and guilds.
Governance DAO: Members can vote for important changes to current and future developments to determine the direction of MetaRising.
Guild DAO: Allows players to form guilds and participate in exclusive quests that provide unique rewards. Guild masters will lead and determine the future of their guild. Guild members can vote the master in and out of their position.

Q4. How many types of NFTs are available on MetaRising?
Type of NFTs available on MetaRising are as follows

  • Avatar Skins
  • LAND
  • PET
  • Vehicles
  • Usable Items
  • Farming Tools
  • Profile Pics

Q5. Do you have any Audit report and how safe is your smart contract from bugs?
MicroTuber is audited by
a) Certik
b) Xangle
Secured by L2MCTP — Layer 2 Multi Chain Transfer Protocol

Q6. How many worlds are available on MetaRising and are there plans to expand them?
MetaRising starts with K-City and Farm Town and in near future new worlds will be accompanied by new P2E zones.

Q7. How does your project contribute in the social work?
MetaRising is focused towards Net-Zero Carbon Emissions and Eliminating Climate Change. All our future developments will be taken considering the above mentioned factors.

Q8. What are the chains MCT token is available in?
MicroTuber is available on
a) BSC Contract- 0x8038B1F3EB4f70436569618530Ac96b439D67bAe
b) ETH Contract- 0x6876EbA317272FE221C67405C5e8EB3B24535547

Q9. What is SeedBox and how to utilize it?
SeedBox is a DeFi staking platform utilized for all Microtuber and MetaRising ecosystem. Multiple staking pools are hosted to help fund agriculture research and provide mining opportunities to receive MRG and NFTs.

Q10. What is Microtuber Bridge about?
On Microtuber Bridge users will be able to swap their MCT ERC20 into MCT BEP20 and vice-versa.



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