Metarising P2P trading

2 min readJul 25, 2022

Hello MetaRisers, earlier we shared updates about our inventory feature, and now we are back with another development news that is our P2P trading system, it uses items stored in the inventory (obtained through crafting, reinforcement, C2E activities etc.) and enables transactions with users in the metaverse.

As shown in the picture above, the TRADE window will appear after clicking at the opponent’s avatar in metaverse, at this time if you want to trade with the other party press TRADE in order to continue.

And when your counterparty requests a transaction in the same way, the Accept/Refuse window appears on your screen. Click the Accept button to set off the trading with the other party.

Then the tradeable items in your inventory will appear and you can put them on the trade window

Suppose, you want to sell 13 corn, 12 tomatoes, and 9 potatoes. The other party immediately presses Ready. If the counterparty wants to trade without payment, they will click READY without any item in the TRADING WINDOW. And similarly, items to be released later and NFTs can also be traded using the P2P system.

Hurray! transaction is complete. Isn’t P2P transaction very easy?

Items obtained from the metaverse can be traded within the metaverse as well. NFT trading is also possible on the NFT Marketplace, which will be released later.

Please keep your enthusiasm intact as we will be back with more news and updates about the Metarising ecosystem.