2 min readFeb 28, 2023

Metarising announced its partnership with Allspark on 27th January 2023, and to celebrate our strategic partnership,we are hosting a giveaway with AllSpark on 28th February 2023. Participants can get a chance to grab both Allspark OG and MRG Gem NFTs.

Through this giveaway participants can easily win rewards by simple tasks. The winners will be rewarded with Allspark OG as well as MRG gem NFTs. Details regarding both Allspark OG and MRG Gem NFTs are given below.


▪️Date: 28th February, 2023

▪️Platform - Galxe

🔸 5 lucky winners will get Allspark OG each
🔸100 random people will get MRG Gem NFT each.

Participants can get a chance to grab both Allspark OG and MRG Gem NFT.

➡️ Steps to follow on Galxe

➖️ Go to the participation link

➖️ Connect your wallet

➖️ Complete all the tasks

➖️ Grab your OAT

✅️ Ends on 08th March 2023

🔸About Allspark OG-

1. Become a member of Allspark DAO

2. Allspark NFT airdrop

3. Offline parties for Allspark Role NFT holders worldwide

4. Allspark NFT whitelist

5. Allspark FT Airdrop

6. Whitelist of airdrops for partner projects

🔸About MRG Gem NFTs

1.Through participating in this campaign, winners can grab Gem NFTs

2. Gem NFT holders need to stake the NFT plus MCT on the staking platform SeedBox.

3. As a result they will receive T-shirt NFT as staking reward

4. These T-Shirt NFTs can be exchanged in metaverse with Avatar Skin.

5. T-shirt NFTs are limited in numbers and can only be obtained through events organised by MetaRising.

🔸Additional information-

Allspark OG is both a lucky star and a witness to one of the most important moments of Allspark, which gives you access to the limited seats.

MetaRising and Allspark will jointly promote the construction of key Web3 infrastructure in terms of technology, brand and application to create a better Web3 experience and services for users.