2 min readJan 13, 2023


We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Dcoreum.

DCOREUM is a decentralised economy ecosystem that provides an inclusive platform for consumers, merchants and creators to trade and conduct business with the implementation of Web3.0 in an autonomous, transparent and secure manner, eliminating those who act against the collective interest. Monopoly frees itself from intermediaries. of the community.

Although DCOREUM and MetaRising have different visions and are on different journeys, they are on the same mission to develop and build more convenient ways to live a better and higher-quality life.

DCOREUM, is committed to building the world’s first commercial public chain and becoming a bridge between traditional industries and Web3, so that it can serve all walks of industries, countries, and business systems, achieving low-cost mutual benefit and creating a more powerful business connected world.

Similarly, MetaRising has taken an oath to protect and preserve the environment from climate change which is the biggest threat to the world. And is trying to make a viaduct between environment and technology, and also promises to serve people with its unique Clean-To-Earn concept.

The best partnerships are based not just on a common goal, but on a shared path of commonality, desire and no small amount of passion. Building a better world requires teamwork, partnership and collaboration, because we need an entire army of companies to build a better world.

MetaRising and DCOREUM will endeavour to work towards implementing valuable ideas and providing innovative solutions which can help us to move towards a better world.

Stay connected and tuned

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