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Photos showing the development of MetaRising’s K-City World and P2E Farm World of MetaRising have been released.

The composition of our MVP’s first world is as follows:

▪️K-City World
➖ Company: This is the current interior of the office on the 2nd floor. In the future, a conference hall with video viewing will be added on the 2nd floor, a lounge with audio and video chat on the 1st floor, a cafeteria, and an information desk will also be added.
➖Galleria Cafe: In the Galleria Cafe, you can sit and enjoy community content with your friends. Various interactive features will be added in the future.
➖Marketplace: You can use the NPC Shop and Auction House in the Marketplace later.
➖Stargate: You can teleport to the MetaRising’s P2E Farm World and K-City through our stargates.
➖Palace: The interior will also be revealed, and you can use various interactive functions inside.

⭐️P2E Farm World: As the first P2E Zone to be released, you can earn money by farming and selling crops.


Office Building and Galleria Cafe:

Marketplace, Stargate, and the Royal Palace:

P2E Farm World:



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