Micro Tuber Achieves Top 10% in SKYNET (Certik) Ratings— A Closer Look at its Security Audit

2 min readJan 23, 2024

Micro Tuber, the rising star in the crypto space, has garnered a remarkable overall score of 73% in the SKYNET (Certik) Ratings, securing its position among the top 15%. Let’s delve into the specifics and celebrate Micro Tuber’s exceptional performance across key categories.

source — certik
  1. Code Security:

Score: 90.68%
Top 10%

Micro Tuber shines in the realm of code security, boasting an impressive score of 90.68%. This places it in the top 10% percentile, underscoring the meticulous attention to detail and robust measures implemented to safeguard its codebase. Investors and enthusiasts can take confidence in Micro Tuber’s commitment to fortifying its platform against potential vulnerabilities.

2. Fundamental Health:

Top 20%

With a percentile rank in the top 20%, Micro Tuber’s fundamental health is a testament to its strong foundation. This category, covering essential aspects of the project, reflects Micro Tuber’s dedication to maintaining a sound and stable infrastructure. Investors can appreciate the project’s holistic approach, fostering confidence in its long-term viability.

3. Operational Resilience

Score: 91.62%
Top 10%

Operational resilience is a cornerstone for any successful project, and Micro Tuber excels with a stellar score of 91.62%, placing it in the top 10%. This underscores Micro Tuber’s ability to withstand challenges and disruptions, ensuring seamless functionality even in adverse conditions. The project’s resilience positions it as a reliable and robust player in the competitive crypto landscape.

4. Community Trust:

Score: 79.68%
Top 40%

Acknowledging the importance of community trust, Micro Tuber scores a commendable 79.68%, securing a place in the top 40%. While slightly lower than other categories, this still reflects a substantial level of trust from the community. Micro Tuber’s commitment to transparency and engagement bodes well for fostering a supportive and trustworthy community.

source — Certik

In conclusion, Micro Tuber’s outstanding performance in the SKYNET (Certik) Ratings is a testament to its commitment to security, resilience, and community trust. Investors and users alike can find assurance in Micro Tuber’s top-tier standing within the crypto space, making it a promising project to watch in the evolving landscape of blockchain and decentralized finance. For a detailed breakdown, you can explore the

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