Microtuber Skynet Security Score

3 min readMay 4, 2023

As we know Auditing is an important tool for ensuring the security, transparency, compliance, and reputation of a crypto project. It is a critical step in building a successful, sustainable, and trustworthy crypto ecosystem.

When it comes to security, MicroTuber always double — checks. From choosing one of the best auditing companies to selecting the best blockchain technology, MicroTuber has given utmost attention to the safety of the investor’s funds.

MicroTuber has been audited by a top-tier professional audit platform, Certik.

About Certik

Certik is a leading blockchain security and audit company that provides smart contract audits, penetration testing, and other security services for blockchain projects. They use a combination of manual review and automated tools to analyze the security of smart contracts and blockchain applications, ensuring that they are free from vulnerabilities and exploitable weaknesses.

In 2022, Certik launched several Web3 Skynet security features to bolster end-to-end security for the Web3 world.

What is Certik Skynet?

Certik Skynet is the intelligence engine powering the security scores seen on Security Leaderboard. It provides 24/7 security analysis for your smart contracts. By leveraging a combination of static and dynamic technologies, Skynet provides an intelligence engine that works around the clock to verify the security of your project and smart contract. Through the publication of an easily accessible, human-readable, security score, users are able to assess the security of a project at a glance.

MicroTuber has achieved a security of 85.18% (at the time of posting, it can increase in future)

In this way, Certik has made it easy for every investor to measure the relative security risk of a crypto project. We are both happy and proud to share that we have successfully achieved a security score of 85.18% which makes us one of the safest projects in the crypto industry.

Skynet Security Score

Most projects have some level of risk identified in their security audit reports, but not all risks are critical. All the risks identified by the Skynet in Microtuber contract has been taken care of and we are absolutely safe in terms of vulnerabilities. We have been rated AA by Skynet which makes us really good investment class asset. Also at the time of posting we have Rank of #1189 and we are in top 15%. We believe that it will go up in coming future.

Code Audit History

Check the on-chain analytics and insights on MicroTuber by Certik Skynet. https://skynet.certik.com/projects/microtuber