Microtuber X Rock’n’Block Strategic Partnership

Jun 13, 2022


Rock’n’Block is a top blockchain development company that has developed over 300 solutions of different complexity. With over 130 team members (100+ developers), 15 years of experience, and trusted partners of Binance, Polygon, OKEX, Neo, and Tron, Rock’n’Block is ready to bring your ideas to life.

As strategic partners, both parties (Rock’n’Block & Microtuber) will create synergy by developing blockchain tech for Microtuber & MetaRising, and will promote Rock’n’Block blockchain services worldwide.

You can find more details here: https://rocknblock.io/blog/rocknblock-and-microtuber-partnership-announcement

Rock’n’Block: https://rocknblock.io

Rock’n’Block Korea: https://rocknblock.co.kr