Microtuber’s first leaping step in Global Exchanges

🌿 MetaRising (metaverse of Microtuber) is proving itself to be the talisman of Microtuber as with the inception of MetaRising, Microtuber has been able to get listed on MEXC Global Exchange with a thumping pump of 700%. MEXC listed Microtuber in the Innovation Zone under MCT/USDT (BEP20) pair at 10:00 on Mar 14 (UTC).

▪️MEXC is Microtuber’s first (and not the last) global centralised exchange. Users from all over the globe will be able to trade MCT/USDT (BEP20) on the MEXC exchange. With the news of upcoming MetaRising along with MEXC listing, Microtuber is expecting constant increase in the prices and user base too. The best time to invest in Microtuber was 1 month ago and second best time is now, so go grab your bag of MCT

MEXC Global —

▪️ Below this post we attaching some official links related to Microtuber for users convenience to grab more information about MetaRising and Microtuber

Website —
SeedBox —
MetaRising —

Telegram —
Twitter —



Metaverse ▪️ Clean2Earn ▪️ Agriculture Blockchain | https://microtuber.io | https://metarising.io/

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