MicroTuber’s Present Operations and Future Endeavors! Join the Journey

A Comprehensive Insight into Strategic Advancements and Visionary Pursuits

2 min readFeb 23, 2024

Major Developments: MicroTuber’s Current Operations and Strategic Advancements

Microtuber has achieved significant milestones, from initiating R&D and launching its cryptocurrency to gaining a strong user base and prestigious listings on Gopax and MEXC exchanges. Notable highlights include the “myfarm” app launch, innovative agricultural research, and the MetaRising Ecosystem’s inception. The integration of MCT across chains, a cross-chain bridge, and strategic listings on Pancakeswap and MEXC showcase Microtuber’s cryptocurrency expertise. The journey continues with MetaRising’s Metaverse release and ongoing dedication to excellence. Let’s have a look at all the achievements of Microtuber, a testament to its commitment to pushing boundaries in the cryptocurrency and agricultural sectors.

Microtuber Achievements:

1. Company established. Initiated Micro Tuber R&D.
2. Cryptocurrency Initialized & Website Launch & Whitepaper released
3. Marketing & User Base Growth Established.
4. Gopax Exchange Listing.
5. “myfarm” Marketplace App Launch.
6. R&D to Improve Saponin Content in Agriculture Products.
7. MCT Multichain ( ERC and BSC )
8. Cross-Chain Bridge.
9. Pancakeswap Listing.
10. Microtuber Enters US Market.
11. MetaRising Ecosystem begins with Metaverse release 0.1.
12. MCT Vesting Smart Contract.
13. SeedBox Platform 4.0 Upgrade and regular staking events
14. MetaRising Website Revamped.
15. MetaRising Litepaper v1.0.
16. MEXC Exchange Listing.
17. Security Audit from indutry leaders -> Certik and Xangle

Charting the Future: MicroTuber’s Major Endeavors in Innovation and Growth

Microtuber is set to revolutionize the metaverse with upcoming initiatives like Cross Promotions (partnership), the inaugural Climate Change Summit in ‘MetaRising,’ and the launch of NFT Sale/Minting-Page and Seed-Box NFT Staking. The project’s roadmap includes Avatar Customization, an Alpha/Beta Test, NFT Marketplace Launch, and more, showcasing a commitment to innovation. As Microtuber explores the C2E Zones for Farming and Ocean activities, the future holds exciting prospects such as Multiverse NFT Integration, virtual Land Sales, and expanding MCT to additional chains. Let’s take a glimpse into Microtuber’s future endeavors, where cutting-edge technology and user-centric experiences drive the project forward.

MicroTuber’s Future Initiatives

1. Cross Promotion and Partnerships.
2. 1st Climate Change Summit in ‘MetaRising’.
3. NFT Sale / NFT Minting page / NFT Mystery Box.
4. Seed-Box NFT and a variety of other Staking Pool launch.
5. NFT Marketplace Launch.
6. Metaverse Release V-0.2 and V-0.3
7. Closed Alpha Test / Beta test
8. C2E Zone — Farming (Crop / Animal / Fishing / Mining)
9. Avatar Customization
10. Multiverse NFT Integration — ‘WonderKing’
11. NFT Sale — Land
12. C2E DApp — Carbon Finance
13. UGC (User Generated Content World)
14. Adding MCT to more chains (Solana, Polygon)