MRG vs MCT -The Ultimate Battle

3 min readNov 22, 2022


Today through this post we will be comparing $MCT i.e. Microtuber and $MRG i.e. Metarising. There are two types of token available in Metarising Universe for the players. These are MCT and MRG. We will share details about these tokens one by one in this post and compare them at the end of post.

MRG tokenomics

Let’s start by MRG first, as all of Metarisers already know that Metarising will be bringing in Dual DAO and for that MRG will be its governance token. Metarising will be also utilized for Marketing & Mining. Let’s check tokenomics of MRG:

MINING : Mining is the process by which new coins/cards are entered into circulation. It holds the most important key in MRG as 45% of MRG tokens will be used for Mining.

MARKETING : With right marketing for promoting and selling MRG its prices can be increased exponentially. 15% of MRG tokens will be utilized in Marketing.

DAO: MRG is the Central part of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of Metarising Universe. 15% of MRG tokens will be allotted for DAO.

TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT: To make sure that Metarising Universe is constantly upgraded and in sync with latest trends of market it needs funds and for that 10% of MRG tokens are allocated.

PRIVATE SALE : 5.5% of MRG tokens will go towards Private sale.

There are many more things where MRG tokens will be used like Minting seed NFTs, IDO and in Metarising Marketplace but we found the above mentioned are the most important ones.

MCT tokenomics

We have shared most of the things about MRG now let us see what MCT is to offer. Here is a brief information about the MRG

Microtuber is already listed and tradable on DEXs and CEXs and some of the most prominent among them are Gopax, MEXC and Pancakeswap. Also to make sure that it is user compatible we have got MCT listed on Rubic Exchange, Cwallet and almost all other crypto related platforms whether it be CMC, CG, Coinsniper, CoinPaprika etc. Let us look at tokenomics of MCT token now:

SEEDBOX : Seed-Box is an agricultural crowdfunding platform operated 100% Defi by smart contracts. Users can stake various staking products using MCT in BEP-20 and ERC-20. SeedBox has 50% of the MCT authority that means it grants access to the venture capital for retail investor.

COMPANY RESERVE : Metarising needs some reserves for many kind of activities to perform in future, so it has 13% of MCT tokens in company reserves.

CORE TEAM FOUNDER : Metarising team is doing great job in making Metarising/Microtuber an industry leader and for that we kept 10% of MCT tokens for the team.

MARKETING : Marketing is very essential for creating awareness about Microtuber brand among people to increase MCT sales and eventually its prices and for that we have allocated 9% of MCT for Marketing.

TOKEN SALE : 8% of tokens will be available for buy/sell in various exchanges whether CEX or DEX.

Now you are aware about both MCT and MRG. Which one will you chose?

Just like we have Male and Female in humans, Positive and Negative terminals in a battery on the same lines we have MCT and MRG in Metarising Universe. They are opposite in nature but together they produce wonders. Ones absence makes the other incomplete. MRG where on one hand is the Hero of our Metaverse MCT on the other hand is the king of real world. MCT will be shining on all the major CEXs and DEXs, MRG will show its charm on Seedbox and Metarising Marketplace.




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