Poseidon World inside MetaRising

2 min readAug 23, 2022
Poseidon World

Last time, We got a glimpse of the Gaia World. Today, we are here again to take you on a Voyage to the Second World of MetaRising, Poseidon World.

We all know that The Gaia World revolved around agriculture. Do you want to know what the Second World is about?

‘Poseidon’ was the Greek God of Sea.’ As the name indicates ‘Poseidon World’ is a world where Majestic Transparent Turquoise sea spreads limitlessly. It is home to numerous species of fish and that’s why it is called “First-class Sea”. However, The World shattered due to an unknown tragedy and it resulted in decrease of the diversity of fish.

MetaRisers, who want to carry out production and C2E activities can catch multiple fish by fishing. The MCT tokens obtained through these activities will play the key role in solving the real crisis.

The basic requirements to participate in it are fishing rods and baits. You can catch your favorite fish by upgrading your fishing rod and using baits according to the characteristics of that fish. There are several fishing points and numerous boats for MetaRisers to ride, so please enjoy your time here.

Concept image of Poseidon World

This is a concept image of Poseidon World. Wow, The boy caught a pretty big fish.

Do you also want to catch one?
Let’s buy a Fishing rod NFT and go fishing.

Hope you liked your voyage to Poseidon World :)