Revealing RisersTeesX

3 min readMar 31, 2023

MetaRising Presents RisersTeesX

Hey MetaRisers!

As you all are aware about the fact that MetaRising is a NFT-based C2E Metaverse. All the NFTs are Unique, with in-game utility, that give their holders special privileges and rewards.

Today, through this post we will be giving updates about our recent development related to the RisersTeesX NFTs in MetaRising and some interesting facts about the RisersTeesX NFTs. Also we will give a brief intro about the link between our GEM NFTs, RisersTeesX NFTs, Avatar NFTs and Seedbox Staking Platform.

RisersTeesX NFTs

RisersTeesX NFTs can be obtained through SeedBox rewards. You can stake your Gem NFTs along with MRG tokens (which you can buy in Pancakeswap or MEXC exchange) in one of the upcoming Seedbox pools to obtain RisersTeesX NFT.


How to get a RisersTeesX NFT.

  1. Participate in the events conducted by MetaRising to get a GEM NFTs.

Picture of GEM NFT


2. After getting the GEM NFT stake it on SeedBox platform with MCT token and you can win a RisersTeesX NFT there.

You can get MCT token from
a. Pancakeswap-

b. MEXC-

3. After getting a RisersTeesX you can take it to Metaverse.

4. Here in the Metaverse players can exchange Avatar skin with RisersTeesX NFT.

Here is an image of our RisersTeesX NFTs

RisersTeesX NFTs

Benefits of RisersTeesX NFT

1. RisersTeesX NFTs can b exchanged in metaverse with Avatar Skin.

2. RisersTeesX NFTs are limited in numbers.

3. RisersTeesX NFTs can only be obtained through events organised by MetaRising.

Avatar NFTs

Part of what makes MetaRising so enjoyable is the variety of NFTs available. Metarising Universe have Farming Tools, Profile Pics, Avatar Skins, LAND, Pet, Vehicles, and other Usable Items as NFTs which you can obtain through Marketplace and tons of other ways. Avatar NFTs are one of the most important and interesting NFT collection in the NFTs list.

Avatar skins are a way for players to customize their characters during their MetaRising experience. Players will have the opportunity to purchase rare, and limited edition avatar skins. Avatar Skin NFTs will be available to buy or sell in the in-game marketplace and NFT Marketplace.

There are several ways players can obtain NFTs in MetaRising, the most common would be through the NFT Marketplace. Players will now also be able to exchange their RisersTeesX NFTs with Avatar NFTs inside Metaverse.

Avatar NFTs

Avatar skins can provide various benefits to the characters. Different skins have different sets of abilities with them, that would ease the game play inside the metaverse. These are just a few of all the excitement that these Avatar NFTs hold. We will be bringing you more features of these NFTs in coming days. Stay Tuned with Metarising on this EPIC journey.


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