Saponin Apple Staking with 120% APR

Microtuber presents Saponin Apple Staking 🍎

Oct 17, 2023

Attention all $MCT holders!
We feel glad to announce our latest staking pool with high APRs (as much as 120%) that is sure to get you excited. So, get ready to earn huge staking rewards and boost your earnings by participating in the staking event.

Apple Staking with 120% APR


▪️Detailed information
Starts On: 00:00 UTC, 17th October, 2023
Venue: SeedBox { }
APR: 120%
Max Amount per wallet:
On ERC Chain: 500,000 $MCT
On BSC Chain: 300,000 $MCT
Ends on: 00:00 UTC, 17th November, 2023

Happy Staking!
Stake now and earn huge rewards :)