Saponin Grow Staking Pool with 240% APR

1 min readJul 16, 2023


MicroTuber Saponin Grow Staking Pool


Happy Sunday Community!

We are aware that each of you has been eagerly anticipating the incredible July Staking pool. Based on your votes, comments, and suggestions, we have prepared a customized pool for our $MCT holders.

➡️Detailed Information

➖ Time: 00:00 UTC, 16th July, 2023
➖ Venue: SeedBox (
➖ APR: 240%
➖ Total Goal
ERC: 20,000,000 $MCT
BSC: 10,000,000 $MCT

➖ Max Per Wallet
ERC: 1,000,000 $MCT
BSC: 500,000 $MCT

➖ Ends on: 00:00 UTC, 16th August, 2023

Now is the time to utilise your chance to generate passive income and contribute in MicroTuber’s expansion.

To avoid missing out on your rewards, join our staking pool right away!