Saponin Pear — Dual Delight Staking

Jan 17, 2024


2x Staking Pool, 2x Rewards

Experience the thrill of 2024 with MCT’s vibrant community, where extraordinary rewards await through our enhanced staking pool — Dual Delight! We’ve doubled the token staking on the BSC Chain, promising an exhilarating journey with great rewards. Join our staking pool of unparalleled excitement and abundant rewards!

Saponin Pear -> Dual Delight: 2X Staking Pool, 2x the rewards

▪️ Pool name: Saponin Pear (BSC)
▪️ Start Date: 17th January
▪️ APR: 120%
▪️ Staking Pool: 7,200,000 MCT
▪️ Maximum stake amount per wallet: 500,000 MCT

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