Seed forms the basis to begin the process of agriculture, keeping this fact in mind, we have tried giving similar importance to the SEED NFTs in MetaRising.

MetaRising presently have three variety of SEED NFTs-
1. Potato seed ( Price- 5$)
2. Tomato seed (Price- 5$)
3. Corn seed (Price- 5$)
*Own all three SEED NFTs to get a rare NFT drop


️️️◼️How can you obtain Seed NFTs?

1. Airdrops and events
Various airdrops and events are conducted for the supporters to give them opportunity to earn NFTs
Winners can Claim their NFTs on-

2. Seedbox Staking:
Users can stake MCT and MRG to receive NFT (To be announced)

3. Minigames (in Metaverse)
Users can play minigames and win NFTs through them.

4. Metaverse Contents
There are many other ways in the game to win NFTs. Eg: Leaderboard in C2E zones.

◼️ These dazzling golden NFTs are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the players, but they also have a significant role to play in the minigames of C2E(Clean to Earn) Zones in MetaRising.

1. Seed NFTs along with a scythe gives the player access to the first C2E zone, farming zone.

2. Using seed NFTs users can cultivate various types of crops and after harvesting them they can be exchanged at NPC shop to receive MCT tokens.

◼️ Airdrop/Contest Winners can learn to Claim the NFTs here-

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Microtuber Official Links


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