SeedBox 3.0 Staking Guide

3 min readFeb 7, 2022


1. Purchase MCT
Pancake Swap:

2. Personal Wallet Creation (MetaMask)
You can learn how to make a MetaMask wallet by clicking the link below:

3. Staking Gas Fee
When users stake on SeedBox they will have to pay a gas fee. It is recommended that users have a sufficient amount of ETH or BNB in their wallets.
When staking on the BSC network users must have BNB and when staking on the Ethereum network users must have ETH.

4. Connecting your wallet to SeedBox
Click the ‘Connect MetaMask’ button on the top right.
You can also choose which network you would like to use for staking.

5. Choose the pool you would like to stake
Pools that are available for staking will be marked as ‘Active’.
Click the ‘Details’ tab to confirm important details then click ‘Stake’.

6. Staking
Input the number of MCT tokens you would like to stake.

※ Every pool that is available for staking will have a maximum staking amount per person. If you click the ‘max’ button the maximum amount of MCT that you can stake will be input.

※ In addition, you can view important information such as your current MCT balance, APR and the amount of staked MCT

When users click the ‘Stake’ button they will have to pay an approval transaction fee.

After clicking ‘Confirm’, users will have to pay a network gas fee. After that is completed users will have successfully staked.

7. View Staking Status

Click ‘My pools’ to view the current pools you have staked.

At the bottom right you will also see your total staking rewards.

8. How to Unstake

Click ‘Details’ then click ‘Stake’.

Select ‘Unstake + Claim’. There may be a penalty

The early unstake penalty will vary by pools. (The 20% penalty in the above image is from a test and does not reflect future penalty rates)

After clicking ‘Confirm’, you will have successfully completed the unstaking process.

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