Upcoming SeedBox Upgrade to v4.0

3 min readJul 8, 2022


SeedBox V4.0

With tens of staking events conducted successfully and thousands of $MCT distributed in APR , we are taking SeedBox to new heights by presenting to you:
SeedBox v4.0 Upgrade: 5 new types of defi pools including NFT Staking.
Coming Soon, Stay Tuned…

Link- https://seed-box.io/

Why this update:
- This upgrade is essential to integrate SeedBox with MetaRising metaverse.

What all New features will users get to see:
1. Mining Pool
2. NFT Drop
3. Main Pool
4. Token Drop
5. NFT Pool

With this new update users will be able to not just stake their $MCT and earn high APR, it’s a brand new thing , now stake NFTs , tokens and interact in a whole new way with SeedBox.

Presenting in-depth Information with images:

  1. Mining Pool:
    Stake Token 1 -> Receive Token 2
    - User can mine tokens
    (example: Stake MCT and receive USDT)
Mining Pool

2. NFT Drop:
Stake Token 1 + Token 2 -> Receive NFT
- User can receive limited and special NFTs by staking 2 different types of tokens
(example: stake MCT and MRG to receive Special Pet NFT)

NFT Drop
NFT Drop Stake and Unstake

3. Main Pool:
Stake Token 1 + Token 2 -> Receive Token 1 or 2
- User can receive a bonus APR on a specified token by staking 2 different types of tokens.
(example: Stake MCT and BUSD to receive bonus APR on BUSD)

Main Pool

4. Token Drop:
Stake Token 1 + Token 2 -> Receive Token 3
- User can mine tokens by staking 2 different types of tokens
(example: Stake MCT and USDT to receive MRG tokens)

Token Drop Pool
Token Drop Stake and Unstake

5. NFT Pool:
Stake Token 1 + NFT -> Receive NFT
- User can stake token and a specific NFT to receive a limited NFT
(example: Stake MRG + Special Pet NFT and receive rare avatar for that Special Pet NFT)

NFT Pool
NFT Pool stake and unstake