The Promise of Sustainability- Chronicles of MetaRising Episode 2

Part 2: The Promise of Sustainability

2 min readOct 26, 2023

Hey MetaRisers !

Continued from Episode 1-

Unlike other metaverse platforms that solely focused on captivating visuals, MetaRising had a clear vision — to achieve net zero carbon emissions. The concept of “Clean to Earn” (C2E) was at the heart of this groundbreaking endeavor. Within the virtual world, players could take actions to clean and preserve the environment, earning real-world rewards in the form of carbon credits.

NFT Based C2E Metaverse

Each quest completed, every environmental challenge surmounted, and all efforts towards sustainability translated into tangible benefits for the planet. The more players engaged in C2E activities, the greater the impact on the environment, leading to a sense of purpose that transcended the virtual realm.

To be continued…

More information -

We have started our journey of Chronicles of MetaRising on 16th October as we promised you all to hold amazing events every Saturday. Last Saturday we held a great contest for our telegram community and community members were asked to change their profile picture and also telegram profile bio. Telegram community members participated enthusiastically and the response for the contest was overwhelming.
We also selected some winners and distributed the prize. We will continue this amazing series of events and MetaRising will host thrilling, sustainability-focused tasks every Saturday, inspired by its epic evolution story. Engage in quests, quizzes, art competitions, immersing yourself in the metaverse. These challenges offer a platform to showcase your skills.

We will also organise a contest event based on the Episode 2 of Chronicles of Metarising this Saturday, so stay tunned to grab the opportunity.

Thank you !