MetaFarm In-Game Avatar! (in development)

We would like to show you our early stage character design. We’re using the Unity Engine to build our metaverse and are currently in the design and development phase.

Avatar customization will be made available in the MVP version of MetaFarm, where users will be…

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🌼MetaFarm is the world’s first open-world farming metaverse, developed by agriculture blockchain company, Microtuber. By using $MCT, MetaFarm’s native token, players can: farm, stake, fish, purchase land, unlock NFT mystery boxes, participate in minigames and much more.

🌼MetaFarm is a virtual world located in a futuristic and fantasy-like Korean world…

MCT Cross-Chain Bridge is LIVE

▪️You can find the bridge on our website, or visit directly here:

▪️Users will be able to swap MCT token between Binance and Ethereum networks on our cross-chain bridge.
All features of Microtuber platforms will become available to BSC users.

▪️Seed-Box will soon support multi-chain staking. So get ready for our upcoming staking campaign!

Connecting Agriculture with Blockchain

▪️We are proud to announce that we have been successfully launched on PancakeSwap.
Click Here to trade MCT BEP20 on PancakeSwap

▪️100 BNB have been locked on Mudra for 6 months
Click Here for Liquidity lock details

▪️You can check Contract, Holders and Total supply on Bscscan
Click Here for Bscscan

▪️Information about the pool is available
Click Here

▪️MCT (bep-20) Token and Price information
Click Here

▪️Chart and transactions are available
Click Here

BEP20 Address: 0x8038B1F3EB4f70436569618530Ac96b439D67bAe


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